What guys think after a hookup about the girl

  1. Minimum of thoughts
  2. Anxiety and worrying
  3. Peace and positivity
  4. Some negative thoughts

Both young girls and older women wonder what a guy thinks about them after casual 100 hookup. Psychologists say there are several typical scenarios most of men usually follow.

Minimum of thoughts

It often happens if a guy is overworked or immature. Then he considers sex just one of the ways to relax, like the beer with friends or watching football. When he is satisfied, he is done.

Anxiety and worrying

A guy can be anxious after sex if he performed not well enough or if he liked a girl more than expected. He may text her or ask common friends about her if that is the case, so she’ll know.

Peace and positivity

Many guys feel peaceful after sex without much analyzing. If they like a girl, they’re happy about the night with her, and if they don’t, they’re glad they at least have active sexual life.

Some negative thoughts

We’re all humans and negative thoughts also happen. A guy may judge a girl for her easy virtue or criticize her for bad performing in a bed. It may turn into gossiping, so a girl should watch out.

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