The most widespread Ukrainian stereotypes among foreigners

There’s almost no man who can resist a woman from Ukraine, and this is only to be expected when women from Ukraine make such perfect partners in life. Ukrainian women tend to be deeply devoted to their families, which, of course, ensures that they are wonderful mothers, and the core of beautiful families. They tend to be very devoted to their partners, and, of course, it goes without saying that many of them are exquisitely beautiful, as well as being erudite and exceedingly well educated. While many of these generalizations are perfectly true, there are also some strange Ukrainian stereotypes that can lead a person to have false expectations when seeking out an Eastern European woman for a life partner.

Table of content:

  1. Ukrainian women are desperate to leave Ukraine
  2. The real reason behind it
  3. Girls in Ukraine are extremely materialistic
  4. Ukrainian women are all about external appearances
  5. Ukrainian women prefer to not have a career
  6. Ukrainian women tend to divorce a man as soon as they are settled
  7. All Ukrainian women are amazing cooks

Some of these misconceptions can be quite ugly, and can lead one to have a perfectly false impression of women from a beautiful culture. So, we’ll be doing our very best to dispel some of these notions in the next paragraphs.

Ukrainian women are desperate to leave Ukraine

This is one of the most common Ukrainian stereotypes that prevent a number of foreign men to have anything to do with women from Ukraine. If one stops to think about it, is there any logical reason why this should be so? Think about it. A person is born and brought up in a country, is comfortable in their culture, is surrounded by their friends and relatives. Why should they be desperate to leave the nation they’ve lived in all their lives, and which they are completely adapted to, to immerse themselves in a new country, where the culture, expectations and even the language are strange to them.

It doesn’t make sense, does it? It doesn’t make sense because it’s not true. Besides all the things I’ve mentioned before, there’s also an element of patriotism about the way Ukrainian women think about their country. Most girls in Ukraine are not at all eager to leave their country, and if they do, they are making a considerable sacrifice, because they are truly in love with someone.

The real reason behind it

The real reason that typical Ukrainian women are willing to leave their homeland for a long term and committed partner is that there’s an entire culture of women being extremely devoted and self-sacrificing in Ukraine, and indeed, in most Slavic countries. So, if a girl truly loves someone, she is willing to even sacrifice her homeland in order to be with him.

The idea that Ukrainian women are all eager to leave their country, and that they marry a man only in order to do so, is extremely false, as well as insulting to the women concerned, and does a terrible injustice to a girl’ self-sacrifice in leaving her country, her friends, and the environment she knows, for the man she loves.

One reason that Ukrainian women are willing to leave their country for a man that they truly treasure, is that Ukrainian men have become quite self-satisfied, and take very little effort on behalf of a woman. Perhaps this has its roots in the time just after the Second World War, when there were ten women for every one man in Ukraine. Since then, the numbers of men and women have more or less equalized, but Ukrainian men still have a very self-satisfied attitude towards women, and tend to take them for granted.

Of course, no self-respecting woman likes this, which is why Ukrainian women tend to search for a partner who would respect them, who will be willing to truly share the joys and sorrows of life with them, and who will treasure them for the people they are.

Girls in Ukraine are extremely materialistic

Nothing could be farther from the truth than these kinds of Ukrainian stereotypes. If anything, women from Ukraine are deeply idealistic, and are very committed to a relationship. If anything, it is women in Western Europe who measure a man’s earning capacity, and who are willing to drop a relationship at the slightest inconvenience.

A man who offers too many extremely expensive presents to a girl in Ukraine may find that he is treated coldly, or even dropped for someone who she thinks is more genuine. This is because women in Ukraine are very idealistic, and highly educated, and they object to any appearance of a man trying to purchase their affections with material goods of expensive presents.

This doesn’t mean either that a Ukrainian woman wants to marry some useless slob who doesn’t work at all, and who just lazes around the house watching television. What woman wants that? A Ukrainian woman wants a man who will care for his children, and be dedicated to them, and that is what women all over the world really require from their man.

Of course, it is difficult to make ends meet in the modern world, and if you intend to raise a family, it requires dedication and hard work from both partners in a relationship. Remember that Ukrainian women are very dedicated to their children, so, of course, she is concerned that a man be willing and able to provide for them. This is something to keep in mind if you think of dating Ukrainian ladies.

Ukrainian women are all about external appearances

On the contrary, nothing could be farther from the truth. This is one of the most ridiculous of all the Ukrainian stereotypes. Ukrainian women are often brilliantly educated and highly cultured, and if they do care for how they look, that is only a means of expressing their self-respect.

A Ukrainian woman does not does not try to look her best in order to impress men. Rather, she does her best to look good as an expression of her own self-respect. This is only complementary to her mental and educational capabilities, and to her personality, which are the aspects of herself that she considers most important, and is not at all a central facet of her character.

Ukrainian women prefer to not have a career

While it is absolutely true that Ukrainian women like to focus upon their families, it is not true that a Ukrainian woman will not take up a career if it proves to be necessary. Generally speaking, the attitude of a Ukrainian woman is that she will do whatever must be done to safeguard and care for her family, and if the family’s financial resources are low, and if she finds that is necessary for her to work to maintain the family, then she will do precisely that.

On the other hand, if the man in the family is earning a sufficient surplus that allows her to focus upon her children, then she may choose to do so.

This has several advantages, as most Ukrainian women are quite well educated, and having and educated mother concentrate upon the education of her children has enormous benefits. It also allows children to have a happier and more stable childhood and home environment. So a Ukrainian woman will take this path if circumstances allow doing so. However, if circumstances demand that she work, then that is exactly what she will do.

Ukrainian women tend to divorce a man as soon as they are settled

This is a misconception, and has its roots in the fact that there generally tend to be more divorces in developed countries in any case. Generally speaking, a Ukrainian woman will do her very best to make her marriage work, and will only opt for divorce only if she finds that issues that have arisen between her and her husband actually have no solution.

All Ukrainian women are amazing cooks

While it’s absolutely true that the majority of women from Ukraine are excellent housewives and homemakers, it’s not necessary all of them are good cooks. This is also one of the most widespread Ukrainian stereotypes, and its roots lie within the Ukrainian cuisine being very diverse and delicious. Moreover, most dishes are fairly easy to cook.

Nevertheless, not all the women enjoy cooking them and not all of them are good at it. If the Ukrainian cuisine is one of the reasons that inspired you to marry a Ukrainian woman, make sure she’s good at cooking first. If she can, it’s definitely one of the advantages of living with a Ukrainian wife.

These were only some of the most common stereotypes about Ukrainian girls. You may encounter more if you date these women either online or in real life.

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