Mind the gender difference when dating with Ukrainian women!

It is widely agreed that men and women differ from each other both in their physiology and in their psychology and emotional states. Indeed, there are a lot of items but three of them are the most obvious ones in relationships. We cannot insist that the traits described below are belonging to everybody, but there is a high probability that you will face the following otherness in Ukrainian women. In order to regard it with favor you should mind them as far as they can cause problems between you and your partner even if you are dating online.

First of all we should underline the way women prefer sharing the common space even if this is an online connection. When you have intercourse in correspondence or meet and spend your time together, a woman will expect from you to be open and talkative, while males just need to pull away in order to have some gap. Is the situation familiar to you, when you ask for autonomy and find your woman being in panic because of that. She believes something goes wrong or can even think that your affection has come to an end. Perhaps you’d better explain that everything is ok but you need some space. At the same time if you notice that your lady pulls away, you should turn attention to it because probably she is not comfortable with you. So, the reasons for the desire to establish some distance are completely different. Remember that almost any woman needs more emotional intimacy than a man does and hopes to build a deep connection with her partner. While being bonded with your partner you still need autonomy.

Another difference can be found in attitude to the way of showing affection. Women prefer receiving love from a man but sometimes active Ukrainian ladies can show initiative and take up a leading position in relationships forgetting how important it is for a man to please his woman. Try to talk to your partner and explain that you like making her happy. This is your informal duty to make different pleasant things, ask her for dinner in the restaurant, arrange trips in beautiful places, give presents, buy clothes and jewelry, take care about her and give recommendations as to the situations in her life. Just show that you are interested in her life and ask about her day when communicating online and give a piece of advice if she needs some clarifications of her circumstances. If you are going to meet, try to be the first who offers the place and time of meeting taking into account her schedule and capability of course. Do not allow her to make you to take a back seat, just be a man, loving and tolerant but decisive and forward-looking. Here there is a difference: a man feels loved by being aware that his lady is pleased with the things he does for her and a woman feels loved by being cared about by his man.

The last thing to discuss is the way how men and women take the environment. Women count on their intuition to a greater extent trying to understand the situation with their hearts. While men usually use their mind to see how the wind is blowing, and make conclusions. So, communicating with a Ukrainian lady you should be careful, she will see you beyond skin and bone reading your thoughts that is why you’d rather be sincere in your online letters. You are lucky if you are able to understand the world of emotions but usually it is too complicated and you’d better leave it for you woman. Just keep in mind that a strange respond to your letter cannot be interpreted appealing reason. You can solve the problem if you catch the ground of it, otherwise you should try to think like a lady. In this case logic makes no sense! If you continue being mind-oriented, you will be lost in absolutely wrong ideas. Do not feel scary when you turn to something hardly determinable in her words. Just remember this peculiarity of a woman and respect it.


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