How to relax tension communicating online with women in Ukraine

There are such moments in relationship when the partners do not know each other well enough yet but it is high time to become closer and learn each other better. Being confused by some questions or topics of conversation both of them or one of a couple can feel awkward from time to time. As a result there can be unusual reactions in this delicate emotional state. In this case a man should be unclosed and friendly if he is not afraid to have new experiences letting his lady in. Moreover, he is expected to understand the nature of a woman and help her to get rid of that awkwardness.

So, you are dating online with a smart and pretty Ukrainian woman and suddenly you face a kind of panic on the side of your bride-to-be. You can say that every relationship has its ups and downs even after several years of life together. Of course, nothing is perfect. But still it’s essential to keep eyes open when it comes to comfort of your partner. In general we are glad to please people who deserve our best attitude. We are sure that we know how to love and how to win love… theoretically, but every time the reality is somewhat different. Anyway the only thing you should remember that there’s nothing wrong with you if you feel panic communicating with a lady, or if she feels uncomfortable dating with you. Just try to pull together and find a reason of confusion. If you want to make your dating with Ukrainian women easy from the very beginning you should play, make compliments, tell stories, say jokes in your letters and such and such. The best way to put your communication at ease is to refuse thinking too much and too seriously. But mind to offend a lady. Is this a difficult task? As a matter of fact it is simple if you retain a sense of proportion.

When you get ready to the next communicative session, make a plan of your talks. Just define the basic topics or areas of interest you are going to discuss this time. Remember there is a high probability that she prepares some traps for you too. Take a look at your questions. Can they put your lady in an awkward spot? Be honest and try to make you investigation of her life principles gentler. Remember that whatever the result of your date will be, both of you should have fun and enjoy the time you spend together in corresponding.

What about compliments? Are you sure you understand the meaning of this word? This expression of praise should be delicate and sincere. Avoid make compliments too often, otherwise you will be suspected in cheap flattery. One or two thoughtful compliments will be enough. If the conversation is flagging, you can be proactive and launch into a brief and interesting story. You can prepare such a magic wand beforehand. It is necessary to extent the talk area and to create a friendly atmosphere. Here humor will be appropriate. You can demonstrate your sense of humor that can help put your date at ease if you are sure your jokes are not too personal to insult your lady. Be curious and interested in what your lady says, ask questions and use your dating experience in general. When you are not selfish, you can find out a lot of exciting details of life of your significant other.


Thus being open and tolerant you can achieve the best results ever. Do not respond to sudden sparks of dissent between you and your lady, be wiser and try to save your intercourse by well-timed apologies if they are needed. Do not take personally any rash remark and think well before you answer with a plump “no”. Perhaps you haven’t understood the meaning of words or you haven’t noticed your offensive statement or address in your previous sentences. Do not let the panic to put your out of temper and ruin your sweet beginning.

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