How can you understand if it is love or lust dating with Ukrainian women?

You know they distinguish true love, lust and cupboard love. How do you understand these terms? It is clear that the first one can be experienced by the partners, which understand, respect, and take care of each other accepting the responsibilities in a family. The lust is very powerful feeling based on a sexual drive as they call it sexual chemistry. The true love includes this component, but backward situation is not always possible. As usual lust dies a tragic death. These emotions can be confused by men and women. The cupboard love is more obvious and cannot be regarded as a feeling; it is rather an interest when one of the partners or both of them enter into a marriage of convenience.

If you set your mind on determining whether your partner is in love with you, or your relations are just a lust, you can use your imagination to understand this difference. Lust is too hot. It starts all of sudden and vanishes all at once. This fire doesn’t last for a long time. Love starts with sympathy, which turning to be an affection and sexual desire. Here the couple can plunge headlong into passion but their feelings become even stronger in length of time. Though, we cannot say that lust is only a physical attraction. It is a process of exchange of needed energy. The two people involved in such relationship are not interested in procreation they are looking for pleasure and for somewhat like a charge instead of return and responsibilities, because a family is a responsibility. Of course, love includes joy, pleasure and fantastic sex but all these emotions and activities should be based on commitment if you are going to create a family. In other words men and women are attracted not only on a physical level, but on a spiritual and material level. Love is not a one-night stand. While lust even does not mean that people like each other, but still are sexually attracted. The point is that lust cannot be resisted. This powerful force make you forget about everything around you. It owns you completely. Do you want to have clouded thoughts and only one desire to possess and enjoy your partner? You can even believe that you find a true love being in this almost unhealthy condition, confusing it with a sexual desire.

While a real love supposes that there is respect, support, self-sacrifice, admiration and chemistry of course but that chemistry will not make you unhappy. When you find a woman, to which you feel attraction, and at the same time you see that you share the same life goals and have desire to develop together to achieve those purposes in life, in this case you can speak about true feeling.
On dating website there is an opportunity to find your soulmate – with all the millions of Ukrainian women you can find your special one. Just be attentive looking through profiles and choose candidates with those personality traits you want to see in you lady. In order to do it you should specify those traits, perhaps even put them down. Remember your significant other should be not only sexually attracted but also match your emotional and mental expectations. Here you should be careful because not all women give the correct or full information of their personality on a website. That is why the best way to know them is to start intercourse in correspondence.


Besides, you can pay attention to her birthday date. Why should you ignore astrology? This is just another tool to use for learning if a long relationship with this partner is possible.

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