Do not be too shy with Ukrainian women?

People have weaknesses incident to human nature. You know your strong points and blind sides. Dating you can behave in different ways with different women. As a man experienced in relationship you can guess the mood of your partner, her preferences and can make her be happy with you. Or to the contrary you have lack of confidence and feel shy about every your movement. This can be a strong disadvantage for dating because here you should maintain existing rules and be active. Otherwise every new connection is a hard time for you. Of course some ladies can enjoy timid behavior but you should not count on it. Being weak hearted you can miss your chance and let a successful dating pass. Just think of it! A little bit more confidence and efforts, showing vested interest any you can totally change your future. Probable you do not think that you are too shy. In this case we will try to give some hints on what are undesirable behaviors and that will be you who will make conclusions.

First of all shy men turn too much attention to possible rejection that is why they understand every work or action of his partner as a hidden sign of his unwillingness to continue communication. The principle position when you are dating is to refuse being in doubt. Just stop taking the whole thing seriously as thought the first letter should bound you both. Surely you know that shy men can be a little bit introverted thinking a lot of any unclear word or action observed during communication. It goes without saying that you should be attentive and take your partner in consideration trying to learn her better but take it easy. You cannot predict her reaction non your attitude, if you feel her tension just try to understand the situation if there is no help of it let it be. Do not blame yourself and shut you door in front of the others ones. Besides, perhaps there is a sense to continue the relations which are under the threat of break. Perhaps this is a kind of test on her side if you are able to be insistent. Do not let her take power over your feelings and mood, try to be strong… and still gallant and sincere.


You should show that you are decisive. Ukrainian women like men who can make a decision. Show an active approach to planning dates, your time you spend together. Take up the running when you start conversation topics, do not wait until you are asked a question. If you are shy, it will be difficult for you to feel cozy with a new person but try to overcome this difficulty. At dating do not forget flirting. If you do not know what it means, find the articles on this subject, do not be shy to learn. Good playful flirting can be a real pleasure for your lady and a virtue for you. Try to relax and let everything develop in a natural way. And again do not wait for the first move on side of your partner. It is clear that you should not be rude but you can start flirting and watch the reaction of lady. If she supports your efforts, you are on the right track. Do not get stuck thinking too much about if she appreciates this attitude, or if it is too early, or if it is an appropriate moment to write this story in a message! Just do it without injuring her feelings.


Secrets to a Successful Relationship


If you are interested in a woman after your first exchange of letters, do not refuse communicating with others who attracts you. When dating online you are supposed to find several candidates and develop your relations until you are sure of only one of them. But take a risk if you are sure you fall in love with a lady! Put yourself in a vulnerable position even provoking anxiety in order to show yourself or find out her thoughts of you. Don’t wait for her to be looking for an opportunity to ask you to visit her. Do you want to be together with that woman? Then go and get what you want!

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