Can you have sex with a Ukrainian woman from the dating agency upon your arrival?

When you find your bride-to-be on our website you will be expected to visit her in Ukraine sooner or later. This first date is very important both for a man and a woman because the communication over a distance cannot be indicative to the full extent. You should feel a partner and hear his voice. Even modern telecommunications technologies do not substitute face-to-face contact.

But how far can that contact go? Of course, contemporary people have more freedom in their sexual life and in Ukrainian society there are no tight restrictions regarding the terms when a couple should start having sex. If a woman has met a man she likes and feels that she wants to get a close relationship, it is her own choice how to behave. Some of them prefer being sure that a partner can be regarded as a potential husband, others do not care of future and enjoy having pure sex without engagement. It depends on a woman, her character and education. The impact of national traditions is the last thing in this matter.

Sex is really important and under the circumstances of living in different countries when you should make a fateful decision rather quickly it can be another reason pro or con. It is widely known that sexual adjustment can have an overwhelming influence on a happy married life. Still on the first date you hardly can be persistent in your intentions but you should not exclude such early sex as well. Just show your affection in a correct manner touching her hand when you speak or walk, keeping eye contact and so on. Follow the reaction of a woman and be sure that you understand her behavior adequately; otherwise your activity will be regarded as a sexual abuse.

Besides, you know each other longer than one or two days thanks to your intercourse in correspondence or other methods of contact over a distance. Perhaps, you are so near in relationship that there will not be any barrier and need to wait with sex.


Of course, we can specify some rules, do’s and don’ts connected with deciding when it is the right time to go at the next stage of a relationship with a new partner. It goes without saying that they are still very subjective. Even experienced and confident family-oriented woman will take into account your attitude to this issue doubting if you think her to be easy having sex too early or to the contrary if she makes you wait too long. And there are no experts who will offer the recommendation that works in any case. This is very individual moment… intimate. The only thing they can predict with high probability is a reason to wait with having sex within period needed for a test for Sexually Transmitted Diseases and the results.


Can a man count on the sex coming to see his lady in a foreign country for the first time? There is no a decisive answer. He should be very polite and attentive, show that he cares of a woman and behave according to the circumstances. Perhaps, a woman is out of the game for a long time and she feels awkward about sex. She can be too shy and need more time to feel comfortable. Some related survey defines that nearly half of women is ready to get sex on the third date. Don’t you think it is too early? Nobody can say for sure. Perhaps, you will be lucky with these terms but anyway you should not be obsessive and rude. Sex should be when time is right, when the attraction is strong enough. If you feel a real chemistry with a woman and she responds to your feeling there are no “don’ts” providing that both of you are healthy. Regardless of what different surveys say and the rest of the couples think of it, shared desire is only of importance.

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