Having a romantic dating with a Ukrainian woman. The do’s and don’ts

Do you know that romanticism as a movement in the arts is characterized by giving preference to passion, emotion, sensitivity and intuition over reasoning reflection? It is clear that a romantic dating should correspond to this definition and place great value on the beauty and feelings.

When a man is looking for his soulmate he is expected to pay court to a woman spending his time and money. He can give free scope to imagination thinking up various pleasant events, gifts, adventures all the time, but a romantic evening is worth to be mentioned specially. In general, the idea of such dinner is widely-known: laid table with candles and flowers, red roses usually, slow music, poetry and romantic atmosphere. It is really good, but too common. Nearly every Ukrainian woman prefers to bring variety in a relationship at least once in a while. So, if you want to make your lady grateful and happy, try to create a romantic evening that differs from the above described sample. The national traditions can be a great help for this purpose and, thanks God, Ukraine is full of national heritages.

The do’s for a romantic dating in Ukrainian style

The formula of success is to do everything with all your heart. You’d better find out what flowers, sweets and fruits your woman likes. Learn what colors she prefers, be sure that you understand her interests and cuisine choice. Every detail counts! If you have failed to get some important information, ask her friends explaining the reason. More likely your idea will meet the support and they help to realize the plans. But you’d better be sure that a person you ask for advice deserves to be believed. If your intentions are serious enough, buy a valuable present, which will remind her of this dating: jewel or a little antique thing. But the expensive gifts can be regarded as something much obliging, so you should feel out the situation.


In order to give and receive expressions of love you should think about the right place for meeting. Probably a room in the best hotel of the city (cheap one is not the right decision) will be the better variant in a foreign country. But you can start somewhere in public: restaurant, central park or other unique place with beautiful city view. You can dance or even sing some beautiful love song, perhaps, you can learn a part of Ukrainian song and whisper it in her ear if you are confused to do it loudly.


The don’ts for a romantic date in Ukrainian style

When preparing a surprise for your woman, remember that everything you do – you do it for her. So be patient and very attentive. Make sure that you have not included in the program of your romantic evening the thing she cannot stand. Don’t rush things emotionally. Do not expect that a woman is bound to you for that fabulous dinner as you think. Watch her reaction; try to guess if she feels comfortable. You have to use your intuition and experience to define if your partner has a mind to continue dinner within intimate surroundings and go to a bedroom when you are sure that she is ready. Avoid compulsive sexual behaviour and be gallant. Be yourself and enjoy the situation whatever it goes.

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