Find out what Ukrainian woman fears about marriage with a foreigner are

There is a boom in internet romance industry. Ukrainian women are very popular with men from the western world due to their beauty, wisdom, romance and life satisfaction despite the surrounding conditions. But are they so perfect and strong? Do not they have any fears and blind sides?

Of course, there are some. And we are going to speak about some worries and concerns and the ways to allay those fears. The stated below tips will be of use for men who want to build up a meaningful relationship with a woman he has found on our website.

Ukrainian women dream to live together with real men capable to take care of a family. The skills useful around the house are also of advantage. In this connection they fear to find a man who is lazy and incapable. That is why you should provide a proof of your successful career or requested profession, show that you can get things done around the house and make all the necessary arrangements. You are expected to be confident even in offering meal and drinks. You should have your own preferences and reasons for them which you can explain to her. But when insisting on your choice on that simple ground that you are a man, do not be too dominating.

That is another fear of a woman to loose herself and fall into a position of dependence and be suppressed by her husband. Remember that she is going to leave her relatives and friends and join the community she has never known with a husband, which she has known just a while ago. So do not act with a heavy hand, respect her and let her feel comfortable and safe with you.

To the contrary she fears to love a weak and wishy-washy man. In order to let her know that you are self-confident and reliable just behave like that already during your first date: make eye contact, speak loudly enough, show that you like her look. She should notice your attention to details but approving and admiring instead of fault-finding. Be positive and have sense of humor!


With humor you should be careful because a Ukrainian woman like any other person is afraid of insulting jokes. You know those awkward situations when a person tries to be kidding and does not understand that he hurts the feelings or takes a dig at someone. Find out more about life of your the not impossible she and then you will get more spare space for jokes and she will laugh at them instead of keeping silent and being confused. By the way be ready that she has a good sense of humor too. Try to catch her jokes and learn not to take things literally.

The Ukrainian woman can also be afraid of unrespectable attitude to her born country or city. All of us are patriots to a greater or lesser degree that is why you should be tolerant to strange things about traditions or political, economic situation in Ukraine. Try to learn some words in her native language, show your interest in Ukrainian culture. It would be terribly nice of you to know some key dishes of Ukrainian cuisine. Together with your lady you can prepare some of them and you will enjoy that process and result.


Mind the fact that most Ukrainian women are superstitious and they are afraid of some particular things like birthday greetings made before its due time because this may lead to bad luck.

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