Avoid hidden traps of etiquette when meet a Ukrainian woman

Trying to find a wife in a foreign country you are expected to communicate with her relatives and friends and visit the city she lives in. In order to feel comfortable surrounded by strangers you’d better know the Ukrainian traditions beforehand. Moreover, when initiating a relationship with a Ukrainian woman you will get additional advantage showing your awareness of local habits.

The etiquette is an integral part of civilized society, which consists of rules specifying the polite and adequate behavior in public places. And it must be admitted that there is not any special difference between Ukrainian and Western etiquette, though some details should be mentioned.

Speaking about being on a visit for a date with a Ukrainian woman

When a woman asks you to come and see her, you can go to a store straight away in order to buy a small present. Really, it is a good idea not to show up empty-handed because here it is a common practice to bring some gift for a hostess. It looks like BYOB party, when a visitor is expected to bring a bottle of beer, for example. But in this case you should find something special for your fiancée-to-be: sweets, cake, fruits, funny or touching keepsake, perhaps, even brought from your native town. Of course, you can never go wrong with flowers when you are invited to visit a woman. Here we would like to remind that only the odd number of flowers can be bought for such occasion. Be attentive and bear in mind if a woman has a pet, a small pleasant thing for it will be good.


If you visit her home without any festive occasion (holiday, birthday, social event), you should be dressed in something casual but neat and modern showing the respect for a woman. Remember that more likely you will be asked to leave your shoes at the door of the house or flat and stay barefoot. Do not eat a lot before a visit because Ukrainians are very hospitable and cook several delicious dishes of different cuisine for one dinner. The refusal to eat will be regarded as disrespect. You should think over a short speech as a toast at dinner mentioning the hospitality of hostess and her beauty. Be tolerant to rather personal questions, which can be asked by parents or friends of your woman. You have the right to evade the issue or answer as you suppose it to be appropriate.


Speaking about personal communication during dating with a Ukrainian woman

It goes without saying that you should be on time for a date. If there is a sufficient reason of your being late, inform of it as soon as possible. Such action pattern is accepted in all European countries including Ukraine. When you entering the premises let a woman go first and hold doors for her. Do not forget to keep eye contact talking to your woman and to make polite compliments to her. Listen to her carefully without interruption but show your involvement asking the relevant questions. Refrain from sharing gossips and withhold any judgments regarding other people.

All these simple recommendations will help you to feel more confident in Ukraine and steal a way to heart of your the not impossible she, who you will find on our dating website.

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