How to act around your hookup to be comfortable

Not really experienced in casual affairs? Do not worry, there are best ways to act naturally like a pro, without any discomfortable feeling. The folks are sharing their experience online to help the beginners.

“There are three best strategies on how to behave with your hookup, depending on their personal situation and the type of agreement between you two. See which one is more suitable and then build it up.

Seeing-through: not noticing your casual lover in public and talking very formally is a real good way, if they have a spouse and/or work together with you in a big team. This top strategy helps to be cautious.

Best friends ever: stay good buddies with your hookup or become friends after sex. It’s the most powerful weapon against any manipulations from their side, and helps to avoid the unwanted inconvenience.

I ignore you: no extra politeness or hostile attitude are needed, just choose to talk with others and text to others, not to your hookup. It’s the best solution if sex went wrong or you have better options for now”.

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