Dating pretty Ukraine women after breakup

If you’ve recently gone through a painful breakup, there is no need to get easily disheartened. Negative experience is also useful. Besides, now you’re open for wonderful new opportunities which were not available when you were in a romantic relationship. If you haven’t thought about dating pretty Ukraine women, it’s strongly recommended to give it a thought.

Table of content:

  1. Join a Ukrainian dating website
  2. Have a cooling period
  3. Start with friendship, then slowly switch to a romantic relationship
  4. Avoid talking badly about your ex
  5. Set up Skype dates
  6. Make a trip to Ukraine

Slavic women are famed around the globe for their astonishingly beautiful appearance, bright mind, good education, positive character traits and traditional family values. Having a relationship with a Ukrainian woman is a dramatically different experience from what you could expect dating local girls in your home country.

Dating pretty Ukrainian ladies after a painful breakup

Join a Ukrainian dating website

There are plenty of Ukrainian dating sites all over the internet, so your task is to choose the most trustworthy and reputable one. Online dating industry is a hub for swindlers and scammers, but you shouldn’t get intimidated by their miserable attempts to separate you from your hard earned money.

After a recent breakup, a person is an easy prey for scammers – they’ll shower a disheartened and lonely man with tons of compliments and sweet words of love. However, scammers are easily detected if you keep your eyes open. Besides, there is a good security system in place on dating sites with a good reputation.

Whenever you feel someone is trying to swindle you, just contact an administrator and express your concerns. They’ll help you out. Apart from a good security system, the signs of a trusted Ukrainian dating website include:

  • At least a few years of successful service with lots of positive feedback from both Ukrainian women and western men.
  • A well designed search tool that will help you narrow down your searches and filter out profiles of pretty Ukraine women you couldn’t have been potentially interested in.
  • Intuitive interface. A site should be comfortable to use, even if you’re a new person to the whole online dating thing.
  • A large database of women’s profiles. Finding a compatible person in another country is no small thing. You should be able to go through a lot of profiles in order to find women you have something in common with.
  • Lots of communication tools to keep your correspondence interesting, original and diverse.

Have a cooling period

If you’ve just survived a disastrous breakup, don’t jump into online dating immediately. Ukrainian women are very inspiring, but they’ve joined a dating site in order to find a life partner abroad, not to pacify heartbroken and miserable guys. What you can do is go through women’s profiles, look at their photos, and read about their interests and hobbies, dreams and aspirations, careers and plans for the future. When you start getting genuinely interested in talking to women again, start contacting girls you liked best.

Start with friendship, then slowly switch to a romantic relationship

Online dating gives you a wonderful opportunity of slow approach. There is no chance of physical intimacy, so you can focus on getting to know pretty Ukraine women you’re interested in. Handing a long distance relationship is no easy task, so make sure to use all the communication tools provided on the site.

Romantic relationship with pretty Ukrainian women after breakupSend long emails to a girl discussing every subject under the sun: your life, family, likes and dislikes, hobbies, travel experiences, views on dating and marriage, and so many more. Engage her in conversation, reply all the questions she has to ask. Spend a couple of pleasant evening a week chatting via an instant massager.

Text her on a regular basis just to show that she’s an important part of your life and you appreciate a special connection between the two of you. If you enjoy this sort of things, you can even write her old fashioned letters and send via regular mail. These daily engagements will help you heal faster. When you feel she could really be the one, feel free to switch from friendship to a romantic relationship.

Avoid talking badly about your ex

If a Ukrainian girl asks you about your previous relationships, you can tell her briefly, without going into detail. If she doesn’t ask, don’t bother telling anything at all. An average Ukrainian woman doesn’t enjoy hearing about other ladies in her boyfriend’s life. Especially avoid talking badly about your ex.

Behave like a gentleman – Ukrainian women pay close attention to a man’s behaviour after a breakup. If you talk badly about your ex girlfriend, it means most probably you’ll talk badly about your present one, too. Try to keep your communication cheerful and positive. This is one of the keys to a successful relationship with Ukrainian women.

No one is there to make your life less miserable – pretty Ukraine women are there to share your happiness with. Pretend being happy, and very soon you’ll get used to this role. A typical Ukrainian woman is great at occupying someone’s thoughts and giving a man reasons to thrive for more. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Set up Skype dates

Setting up Skype dates will help you bring an element of “real life” into your virtual dating experience. Prepare everything as if you were going on real date. Make sure your room is tidy and there is no messy background.

Dress up nicely and have a good shave. Pretty Ukraine women tend to prioritize appearance – it’s not hard to make it out by simply looking through their pictures on a dating site. They are beautiful, elegant and stylish, and they want to have a good looking man at their side, too. You don’t have to wear a tuxedo though, if it’s something you never do in day to day life. A stylish formal shirt or a turtleneck with a pair of blue jeans will do perfectly well.

Order your favorite meal for both of you (there are plenty of food delivery services in ever Ukrainian city), light the candle and play some nice romantic music. If you’re too nervous and shy, write down a list of things you would like to talk about. This way you’ll avoid that awkward silence that can easily destroy even the most perfect date.

Alternatively, you can watch a movie together and pause it every time you have a witty comment. Skype is a wonderful app to use when dating someone online, and it comes absolutely free on all sort of devices.

Foreign men searching for pretty Ukraine women on dating websites

Make a trip to Ukraine

Meeting your girlfriend face to face will open a new chapter in your life. You’ll be able to spend time with her in order to make out whether the two of you can become a couple and have a life long relationship.

Make sure to meet her family – typical Ukrainian women are very close with their parents, brothers and sisters even when they are adults and live separately. Your trip to Ukraine may become a thing to remember for years to come, so by all means try to make it as fabulous as possible.

Go for long walks holding hands, visit museums and art-galleries, admire the architecture of her city (every major Ukrainian city has plenty of stunning monuments to offer to an architecture enthusiast). Go for picnics, ride bicycles together in summer or play snowballs in winter.

Taste the most delicious dishes of the Ukrainian cuisine in the local cafes and restaurants. Or, even better, go on a food tour. Give her lovely bouquets of flowers and small gifts. And if you feel that she’s really your kind of person, there is nothing wrong in proposing to her straight off. How do you like coming back from Ukraine with a wife?

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These are only some suggestions on how to date pretty Ukraine women after a painful breakup. Of course, every love story is different, and there couldn’t be any readymade recipes. Feel free to improvise and do try different things in order to make your new relationship work. Dating a beautiful and sophisticated Ukrainian lady is really worth the effort. Best of luck!

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